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What are Kama Player Labels and Why Are They The Future of Player Analysis

Find out how Kama’s newest feature enhances the analytical process and provides you with a comprehensive depiction of a player’s qualities at the click of a button.

Kama Index: Understanding a Player's True Value

Introducing the revised and improved Kama Index, the best way of evaluating a player's performance and understanding their true value.

Kama.Sport is the New Official Data Partner of U.S. Ancona

Kama.Sport announces new partnership with professional football club U.S. Ancona for the 2023/2024 season.

Kings League Partners With Kama.Sport to Revolutionize the Future of Sports Entertainment

Kama.Sport, the leading sports data integration platform, has become the Official Data Partner of Kings League.

Kama.Sport and US Catanzaro 1929 Come Together For a Technological-Driven Future

Kama Sport, the leading software and data analysis company, will provide US Catanzaro with an integrated platform that will support the team through performance indices, training and match analysis and advanced match visualization features.

Kama.Sport Becomes the Official Innovation Partner of Feralpisalò Srl

Kama.Sport strikes a new deal with professional football club Feralpisalò Srl, becoming their Official Innovation Partner.