Kama.Sport and US Catanzaro 1929 Come Together For a Technological-Driven Future

Kama Sport, the leading software and data analysis company, will provide US Catanzaro with an integrated platform that will support the team through performance indices, training and match analysis and advanced match visualization features.

Kama and US Catanzaro partnership

Kama Sport, a pioneer in data integration and analysis in the world of sport, is a new partner of US Catanzaro. Kama Sport will provide the Giallorossi with a revolutionary all-in-one platform designed to comprehensively and synergistically manage all aspects of the team's activities, from training sessions to pre- and post-match strategy. This partnership will provide US Catanzaro with cutting-edge methodological tools to meet the challenges of the league, promoting a seamless synergy between on-field experience and technology.

The platform offered by Kama Sport will enable Catanzaro to gain a competitive advantage through in-depth data analysis and the development of strategies based on accurate and timely information. 'In an increasingly dynamic sporting landscape,' commented President Floriano Noto, 'this partnership highlights our ongoing commitment to adopting innovative solutions to pursue our sporting objectives. We want to maximise the potential of advanced technologies, providing our players and technical staff with the most effective tools to achieve success on the pitch.

"We are excited to partner with US Catanzaro 1929. Our platform,' said Davide Ragazzi, CEO of Kama Sport, 'is designed to help professional football teams make more informed, data-driven decisions and improve their performance. We are confident that this collaboration will be a success for both parties'.