Kings League Partners With Kama.Sport to Revolutionize the Future of Sports Entertainment

Kama.Sport, the leading sports data integration platform, has become the Official Data Partner of Kings League.

Barcelona, 18/01/2024 – Kama.Sport, the leading sports data integration platform, has become the Official Data Partner of Kings League. This collaboration will lead a new era of sports data, streaming, and entertainment, offering fans an unmatched, immersive experience.

Key highlights of the partnership:

1)Enhanced Data Insights: Kings League has teamed up with Kama.Sport to elevate data collection, management, and exploration. This partnership ensures comprehensive analysis of all matches, data flows, tech integrations, and performance statistics to provide a secure and insightful storage of all competition data.

2)Immersive Fan Engagement: With Kama.Sport’s advanced technology, Kings League will introduce innovative streaming overlays that enhance the viewing experience. Real-time data collection and integration, coupled with historical performance insights, will elevate the entertainment value for fans during live broadcasts.

3)Multiplatform Integration: Kings League is committed to embracing a multiplatform approach, where Kama.Sport will play a crucial role in addressing technological challenges. This move will propel Kings League into the realm of the most recent technologies, with Kama supporting the implementation of new solutions with its advanced tech competence and expertise. The partnership will also lead to the revamp of the league's platform and the introduction of a mobile app for a seamless user experience.

Marc Carrion, Chief Marketing Officer of Kosmos, said, “one of the main objectives we have at Kosmos is to transform the world of sports and entertainment and the Kings League is a clear example of this. Thanks to Kama's partnership, we will be able to take another step forward in terms of streaming experience and competition, that our fans will really enjoy and in which AI, immediacy and data will be at the core part.”

Edoardo Degli Innocenti, CIO at Kama.Sport, and Martino Armanini, Project Leader, commented: “We're thrilled to be partnering with Kings League to bring advanced technology solutions to the world of sports, within an organization that is redesigning the paradigm of the most followed sport in the world. Together, we aim to set new standards for data-driven sports entertainment.”

About Kings League:

Kings League is a revolutionary seven-a-side football league based in Barcelona, founded in 2022 by Gerard Piqué, in collaboration with prominent football figures and internet streamers. The league, known for its dynamic and entertaining approach to the game, features unique rules such as tie-breaker penalty shootouts, unlimited substitutions, and the use of secret weapons to add excitement to matches. The league operates in Apertura and Clausura-style formats, comprising Winter and Summer Splits, each with league stages and playoffs.

About Kama.Sport:

Kama.Sport is a leader in the software and data science industry, with an innate focus on sports data, digital transformation and web services. Kama’s tailored solutions are designed to improve tactical and strategic decision-making, enhance a team’s competitive edges, and facilitate a smooth transition into the digital age. Utilizing advanced sports data and technology, Kama.Sport’s custom software supports coaches, teams, leagues, and federations in managing their operations more effectively and unlocking the full potential of their assets.

Kama.Sport is a proud partner of key institutions and figures across the international football industry. Serving as the Official Innovation Partner for Lega Serie A, Italy’s top football league, and working closely with the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) at the Federal Centre of Coverciano, Kama focuses on performance optimization and strategic data analysis. The company also works with well-known Italian and international football clubs as well as media companies, providing data-driven analysis for exclusive sports content, showcasing the quality and versatility of its data application capabilities.

For media inquiries and further information, please contact:

Kings League Alberto Lambea Communications Manager

Kama.Sport Giovanni Cresta Corporate Relations