Reimagine the Game: Kama Game Sense

Introducing Kama Game Sense, Kama's revolutionary video analysis tool that completely reshapes the way you approach the game of football.


Football is often referred to as the beautiful game, and rightfully so. Its intricate strategies, lightning-fast plays, and moments of sheer brilliance can captivate fans worldwide. But beyond the surface spectacle lies a world of data, statistics, and insights that add a new layer of depth to the sport. This is where match analysis comes into play.

Match analysis is the art and science of breaking down every aspect of a match to uncover patterns, trends, and insights that might not be immediately apparent to the naked eye. Using a combination of data and video analysis, match analysts are capable of extracting valuable information that can then be transformed into insights and contribute to the overall performance and success of a team.

At Kama, we understand the importance of data and video analysis in modern day football, which is why we are constantly striving to find innovative ways to support sport professionals to extract the absolute maximum value from their resources. Our strive to revolutionize the way match analysts observe has culminated in the creation of the world's fastest, most comprehensive match analysis tool, Kama Game Sense.

Kama Game Sense is part of Kama’s Video module.

What is Kama Game Sense?

Kama Game Sense is a proprietary feature which is an instrumental part of the Kama Platform. It is specifically designed to enhance the video analysis experience by automating the video generation process, providing more extensive parameter options and visualizing intricate game scenarios based on specific inputs. In essence, Kama Game Sense excels at identifying and classifying concatenated successions of events during a football match. It breaks down complex game situations, making them more digestible, actionable and overall easier to extrapolate value from.

Kama Game Sense main contributions come in terms of elevated video analysis and match analysis performance.

Whereas you would need to watch an entire match and manually segment parts based on the actions in the video, our technology allows users to access segmented video clips of matches showcasing intricate game scenarios based on customizable inputs; these scenarios are automatically grouped based on similar features. For example, let's say that you would like to see all instances over the last 10 games where your team regains possession in their own three-quarters of the field and subsequently attempts a shot on goal. WIth Kama Game Sense, you simply need to choose what game scenario you would like to see and designate a time frame. The result is an instantaneous, automated visualization of all situations that match the search criteria.

Kama Game Sense automatically segments videos based on your inputs

Furthermore, Kama Game Sense’s capabilities go even further. Instead of focusing solely on single events, it delves into successions of events or complete ball possessions. For instance, you can compare how many times a team successfully took a shot on goal following a long throw from the goalkeeper or a defensive build-up. Consequently, it allows you to magnify complex game situations to discover patterns, trends or simply evaluate the effectiveness of your strategic decisions.

How does it work?

So, how does Kama Game Sense actually work? For end users, finding your desired game events is as easy as selecting a team you want to analyze, inputting the specific scenario you are looking for and choosing a time span, the software does the rest. To truly understand its functionality however, this is a short overview of the methodology used when creating a game scenario.

  • Kama Game Sense starts with basic event data from a football match.
  • From the succession of events, it identifies actions that signify the beginning and end of a ball possession.
  • Rigorous checks are performed on the events within a ball possession to ensure that possession can be accurately attributed to a specific team.
  • Each possession is meticulously evaluated on various parameters. Amongst others, these include the position of individual events, total possession duration, types of actions occurring before, during, and after possession, player roles, and the pitch macro-areas covered during actions.
  • Lastly, a set of attributes and qualifiers are associated with individual ball possessions. This classification allows us to extract precise moments in the game to create video clips, focusing on the most intriguing events.

A quick tutorial

  1. Select the team you would like to analyze or, alternatively, you can also select to examine the opponents of a given team.
Game Scenario Real 1.png
  1. Choose the game scenarios that you would like to observe by selecting from the extensive list of options.
Game Scenario 2.png
  1. After your input, Kama Game Sense will automatically generate all the games in which the specific game scenario has occured. Select which games you would like to analyze.
Game Scenarios 3.png
  1. Depending on how many different game scenarios you want to observe, the system will segment it based on relevancy. You can also see the different camera angles, number of events, and number of players involved in the scenarios.
Gae Scenarios 4.png
  1. You can dynamically customize your selection to ensure that it caters to your exact search criteria.
Game Scenarios 5.png
  1. Following the customization stage, you can analyze the video segments and build your project.
Game Scenarios 6.png
  1. Each project can then easily be shared among members of staff, players, and other collaborators.
Game Scenario 7.png

Kama Game Sense is not just a tool; it's a game-changer for football analysis. It empowers coaches, analysts, and enthusiasts to dissect the beautiful game in unprecedented detail. Whether you're seeking to improve your team's performance or simply want to enjoy a deeper understanding of football, Kama Game Sense is your key to unlocking the game's secrets.

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