Kama Platform: The Power of Performance Intelligence

Discover Kama's revolutionary solution - the Kama Platform. More than just a tool, the Kama Platform is the future of performance intelligence.

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Welcome to the world of Kama.Sport, where innovation meets performance. We are on a quest to reimagine the frontier of performance and society’s integration in sports through the use of innovative technologies and powerful insights. Our cutting-edge, all-in-one platform is more than just a tool; it's a game-changer, a digital companion that empowers coaches, teams, and analysts to unlock the full potential of performance intelligence. In this blog, we will take you through the five essential modules that make up the Kama platform, each designed to revolutionize how you manage and analyze your team's performance.

Kama's all-in-one platform.

1. Manager Module

Kama's Manager module.

Kama's “Manager” section is an elaborate, integrated module, designed to streamline the efficiency of the workflowsworking processes of teams, coaching staffs, leagues, and federations. At its core, the module digitalizes and consolidates all training methodologies and processes into a single working space, allowing users to easily manage their day-to-day activities. Moreover, the module allows for the seamless integration and correlation of any data parameters associated with a team’s training processes and match performance, providing a holistic overview for decision-makers.

Kama's Manager module seamlessly integrates the functions of various departments, including medical, physical, and video analysis, into a single, cohesive platform. This integration not only promotes efficient collaboration among staff but also ensures that everyone is working on the same page, using the same software for a unified approach to player development.

Users can also benefit from the module's unparalleled customization options that provide flexibility for the modifications and adjustments of individual work flows. The intuitive interface makes it easy for users to create tailored training sessions and exercises that adhere to their individual training philosophy. In addition, users can also generate extensive reports related to player and team performance; this feature facilitates the instant visualization of selected performance metrics in various formats, making it easier to assess and compare outputs.

Kama's Manager module also enables the storage of vital medical records and the tracking of the rehabilitation progress of athletes. This feature includes rehabilitation footage and facilitates seamless interaction between players and medical staff, ensuring that athletes receive the best possible care and support throughout their recovery journey. The innovative solution allows teams to monitor the status and progress of their assets in a single working space, reducing operative and communication inefficiencies while promoting transperency and cohesiveness.

2. Analysis

Kama's Analysis module.

The “Analysis” module is a staple in Kama’s service portfolio. Leveraging over 2000 individual parameters from over 120 competitions, the analysis section allows users to evaluate and compare the performance of teams and players from around the world, while following the natural progression of designated targets, creating reports promptly, and drawing conclusions based on objective data parameters.

Kama’s analysis section provides users with the most advanced statistical analysis to compare teams, players, and leagues against custom statistical benchmarks and parameters, including Kama’s custom indexes; clients have the opportunity to modify indexes and data outputs to evaluate specific performance indicators and get an in-depth view of given assets. Thanks to the data aggregation capabilities of Kama, teams, and coaches can easily follow the time evolution of their assets, access the geographical positions of recorded statistics, transparency, and visualize them through our advanced video-linked heatmap. In a recent update, we also introduced statistical correlation graphs as a new feature in the module; the innovative enhancement depicts the relationship between two distinct parameters on a single graph, seamlessly identifying patterns, trends, and tendencies.

Overall, the advanced functionalities of the “Analysis” section unlock unparalleled insights and performance intelligence that redefines the predictive power of your game scenarios and supports you in making informed data-driven decisions.

3. Video

Kama's Video module.

Kama's Video Module offers a game-changing solution that addresses the shortcomings of traditional video analysis methods. Gone are the days of sifting through hours of footage to find key moments. With Kama’s AI-powered video tools, you can effortlessly create highlights of every single game event, providing an in-depth perspective on team performance in an efficient and timely manner. This not only saves valuable time but also reduces the likelihood of human errors in identifying critical moments, trends, and patterns.

Our seamless integration into your pre- and post-match analysis workflow ensures that you have access to the most relevant video content at your fingertips. Kama's Video Module goes beyond just compiling footage; it automatically generates tailored match and player highlights by integrating footage from tactical, training, and media broadcast feeds, giving you the ability to pinpoint and analyze specific match events instantly.

Kama's unique video analysis feature takes your understanding of the game to a whole new level. With Kama Game Sense, you can select specific game scenarios (ex. if you want to see all instances in the last 10 games of your goalkeeper passing the ball to the wing, resulting in a shot on goal) and the software will automatically generate an instant visualization of the exact moments when the selected scenario occurred. This level of precision and efficiency is a game-changer for football professionals looking to gain a competitive edge and gain a deeper understanding of their team’s capabilities. With Kama's Video Module, you can analyze, strategize, and elevate your team's performance like never before.

4. Scouting

Kama's Scouting module.

In the ever-evolving world of football, finding and recruiting the best talents has become essential for a team’s growth and is a mission every club takes seriously. Kama's groundbreaking “Scouting” module is designed to serve a dual purpose: enhancing the quality of your team and ensuring the sustainable development of your club.

Kama’s Scouting module empowers you to identify and bring in the brightest prospects in world football. Identify your target requirements, evaluate players based on hundreds of characteristics, and receive tailored recommendations that align with your specific needs. In addition, Kama’s fully integrated feeds from data providers such as Stats Perform, StatsBomb, and Wyscout, provide you with a comprehensive, quantitative assessment of prospects to give you a complete picture of their abilities and potential.

The second part of our scouting solution, known as Skout, offers clubs an all-encompassing platform designed for clubs to oversee and manage their entire scouting network from a single place. Our technology seamlessly integrates inputs from both internal and external contributors, augmenting your scouting operation with a global reach. Scouting professionals can utilize Kama’s "Shadow Team" feature to efficiently manage, grade, and segment prospective targets based on custom characteristics and requirements, ensuring you don't miss out on the next football sensation. Skout allows you to centralize all scouting outputs into a single digital space, effortlessly integrating all insights and data collected from your scouting network. Consolidating information ensures that your club remains at the forefront of talent discovery and recruitment.

Incorporating Kama's Scouting Module into your club's strategy will allow you to discover, recruit, and develop top talents, giving your team the competitive edge it deserves.

5. Tagging

Kama's Tagging module.

Kama's Tagging Module is an indispensable tool for coaches, teams, and analysts to gain a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. With the ability to manually tag game events in both training sessions and matches, you can unlock a treasure trove of insights to elevate your performance; it is the go-to solution for match analysts, coaches, and performance specialists looking to craft winning strategies and formulas. Its intuitive and powerful tagging capabilities provide the precision needed to dissect and improve every aspect of your team's performance. With Kama, you're not just analyzing the game; you're shaping its outcome and pushing the frontier of performance excellence.

Our tagging solution allows you to manually assess and segment training sessions and game situations, providing a deep dive into player performance and team strategy. By isolating and magnifying key moments in the game, you can evaluate tactical scenarios and outcomes with absolute precision. This immersive approach doesn't just benefit coaches; it also engages athletes in the performance-enhancement process, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Kama's Tagging Module goes beyond simple data entry as it empowers you to tolerate intuitive and rich visualizations for post-game assessment. Users can customize their inputs on the screen, improving your analysis with dynamic, interactive graphics that make complex strategies and tactics easy to understand.

About Kama.Sport

Kama.Sport is a cutting-edge software and data science company specializing in sports data, digital transformation, web services, and the 4.0 industry. Kama provides high-tech solutions that enhance the outcomes of both tactical and strategic decisions, support a team’s competitive development, and aid in their digital transition.

Kama’s all-in-one platform integrates the world’s most advanced sports data and technology to help coaches, teams, leagues and federations structure their work and operate more efficiently. Kama’s tailored solutions allow teams to simultaneously analyze both proprietary and third-party inputs, streamlining operations and providing football teams with an edge in a highly competitive industry.

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