Kama.Sport and FC Pro Vercelli 1892 Announce New Partnership

Kama.Sport and football team Pro Vercelli 1892 announce new technological partnership aimed at enhancing the club's operations and propelling them into a new era of technology.

Pro Vercelli and Kama.Sport

Football Club Pro Vercelli 1892, one of Italy's oldest football clubs, has partnered with Kama.Sport, a leader in software development and data integration, with the aim of uniting the tradition of Italian football with technological innovation.

The history of Italian football rooted at the beginning of the 20th century meets the most advanced technological frontier of the 21st-century, the fundamentals of Italian football tradition merge with data science, combining future and passion.

Efficiency and customization. Kama Sport will provide Pro Vercelli with an advanced software solution to integrate data and functionalities into a single customizable platform, significantly improving the quality of work of all the Club's departments, from the scouting unit to the first team. The platform, developed by Kama, will make it possible to centralize the information previously collected on different software and make work more efficient, thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Detailed technical-tactical analysis. Thanks to the Kama platform, Pro Vercelli has implemented an advanced player performance analysis module that allows staff to explore player profiles based on their strategic, technical, tactical, and athletic needs. In addition, the platform integrates all the main training analysis technologies, including GPS, heart rate monitors, and cameras, automatically organizing all data and videos on a single page to allow for quicker and more user-friendly experience for the coach to the players.

From data tracking to tactical cameras. Kama's data science department is also available to support the coaching staff in specific scientific studies if required. Thanks to Kama.Sport's match analysis system, which integrates tracking data and tactical cameras, the club can analyze opponents in detail and extract videos and data reports with a single click, implementing its knowledge and technology.

Together in innovation. Pro Vercelli and Kama Sport are committed to using the most advanced technologies and the most innovative methodologies in order to constantly improve the work of all the Club's departments. This collaboration represents an important step in Pro Vercelli's innovation strategy and confirms the club's commitment to the constant progress of Italian football.

Alex Casella, Sports Director Football Club Pro Vercelli 1892 said:

"Football is always evolving fast, both corporately and technologically.

In today's football, data processed by technology opens the door to new readings and interpretations, in relation to many aspects of the sport and beyond.

Kama.Sport's project to create a centralized platform that allows all these different data to be integrated with each other will, through the power of machine learning, streamline the work not only regarding traditional training but also the growth of the youth sector, match analysis, and scouting.

We believe that the collaboration with Kama Sport can help provide added value as Pro Vercelli, always with a view to the constant growth that characterizes the vision of the entire club.

We thank the guys at Kama Sport for the start of this adventure together.

Alessandro Roseo, Sales Executive Kama.Sport commented: 'Nowadays, competitiveness in all sectors is crucial and it depends on a club's ability to innovate established systems and traditions.

Football is a shining example of how tradition and technology can work together to overcome limits and records that have shown continuous evolution over time.

We are thrilled to be able to work together with Pro Vercelli today and to be able to support their hard work both on a daily basis and in the long term thanks to the tools designed for and with the technical staff'.