Kama.Sport and FIGC Together For a Data-Driven Future

The Italian start-up, a leader in the sport-tech landscape of data integration, will support the FIGC in its sport-performance technology transition.

Figc x Kama

The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) has signed a historic innovation-oriented technical supply partnership with Kama.Sport, a leading start-up in the Italian sport-tech landscape. This strategic collaboration will enable the FIGC to explore sports data in a more advanced way and digitise management processes.

The use of Kama.Sport's cutting-edge technology will allow the FIGC to integrate all the numerous data sources at its disposal, within a single platform. This will lead to a significant improvement in the efficiency of data analysis and management, allowing for in-depth exploration at both quantitative and qualitative levels.

As Technical Supplier, Kama.Sport will provide the FIGC with all the skills and resources necessary to develop ad-hoc solutions, specifically designed for the Federation's needs. This will result in FIGC monitoring and scouting tools that will support the daily work of the Italian Federation, from the first team to the youth teams, from the under-21 to the under-15.

Furthermore, FIGC will be able to count on the assistance of Kama.Sport in the creation of proprietary applications dedicated to the technical sector. These applications will involve a wide federal audience through detailed statistics on players and teams of the main European Leagues, the integration and uploading of original content and videos, as well as an internal information system and a series of useful tools for the evolution of a harmonious internal organisation.

"The work that Kama.Sport has carried out with many important customers in recent years, identifying and developing concrete solutions to the specific needs of professional football, complements the digital and technological evolution of the sector by expanding the opportunities for technical development in football. We are pleased to be able to rely on Kama.Sport's expertise to optimise current processes and jointly develop the best technologies for the near future'.

Marco Brunelli, Secretary General of the Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio

"Supporting and working alongside the FIGC, ranging from the technical to the organisational areas, represents a valuable opportunity for Kama that highlights the high standards required by football at the highest level. Analysis and data processing are central elements in the decision-making process. One of the main objectives that Kama has set itself is to speed up these processes and make them more accurate and effective. To achieve this, we have specialised in developing the best solutions, combining the skills and experience gained by our technical staff in the field with quantitative and qualitative analyses, extracting the most from the enormous amount of data available".

Davide Ragazzi, CEO of Kama.Sport