Kama.Sport Becomes the Official Data Partner of Amiens SC.

Amiens SC and Kama.Sport Forge an Innovative Partnership for Enhanced Data-Driven Performance

Amiens SC and Kama logos on a black background.

Amiens, France – 17/10/2023 – Kama.Sport is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Amiens Sporting Club (Amiens SC), a leading sports technology company, as its Official Data Partner. This collaboration signifies Amiens SC's commitment to harnessing advanced data analytics to drive optimal performance, optimize training strategies, and secure a sustained competitive edge in the football arena.

As a football club with a legacy of more than a century, Amiens SC recognizes the pivotal and strategic importance of embracing continuous innovation to consistently raise the bar for performance and strategy. The partnership with Kama.Sport showcases the club's unwavering dedication to enhancing player performance, strategic planning, and its competitive capabilities.

Key highlights of the partnership:

1: Advanced Data Collection: Kama.Sport's state-of-the-art data integration systems will be implemented into Amiens SC's training sessions, allowing for comprehensive visualization of performance metrics and vital statistics while collecting the most useful data for daily team management.

2: Data Management: The partnership will provide a seamless system for managing, storing, and analyzing training and championship performance data. This will enable the club's coaching staff to access real-time insights, both with qualitative and quantitative data, and make informed strategic and tactical decisions.

3: Tactical Strategy Enhancement: Amiens SC aims to leverage the wealth of data, indexes, and complex tools provided by Kama.Sport to refine tactical strategies, adapt to opponents' strengths and weaknesses, and maximize on-field performance.

4: Performance Optimization: With the ability to monitor player health and wellness data, the club can ensure that athletes are at their peak physical condition, reducing the risk of injuries and enhancing overall performance.

"Kama.Sport is delighted to become Amiens SC's official Data Partner," said Davide Ragazzi, CEO at Kama.Sport. "Our advanced data solutions are designed to empower sports organizations with the tools they need to optimize performance and gain a competitive edge. We look forward to supporting Amiens SC on their data-driven journey to success."